Inventory List


CitySTABF #YrMakeModelEngineTypeNotesPrice
BRADENTONFL364322007STERLINGA9513MBE4000SGL904K miles runner, rough dash, oil getting into the coolant $3,500
COHOESNY3202802013MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL821K miles non-runner, needs cam bearings, rocker arms, valve cover gasket $5,500
DUNCANSC319212012MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL870K miles runner, engine harness needs replaced $7,500
ELKRIDGEMD3202812013MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL807K miles, runs but needs EGR delta P update, camshaft $6,500
FORT WAYNEIN316622012MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL879K miles, clutch and bull gear grinding causing leak at rear main seal $6,500
KANSAS CITYMO3702692007FREIGHTLINERCOLUMBIADET 12.7SGL682K miles runner, leaks oil $7,000
MONTGOMERYNY260102007INTDT-466D20' BT RU door258K miles runner, 12'5" x 20' van body $8,000
OAKLANDCA373542008STERLINGA9513MBE4000-DPFSGL854K miles non-runner, will not complete regen, DPF and catalyst damaged and need replaced $2,800
PITTSBURGPA260172007INTDT-466D20' BT RU door190K miles, due for in-frame rebuild or replace cylinders sleeves a minimum. $6,500
PITTSBURGHPA316932012MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL782K miles non-runner parts truck, metal in oil pan, parts in cab $2,500
READINGPA380722009MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL763K miles non runner - DPF, DOC, EGR cooler, suspension, brakes, 5th wheel $4,500
ROMULUSMI318072012MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL961K miles runner, hood cracked $8,000
SACRAMENTOCA317082012MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL820K miles non-runner, bad cam, needs in-frame engine overhaul $4,500
SACRAMENTOCA316532012MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL804K miles runs but low on power, camshaft cyl #5, needs in-frame overhaul $4,500
SALISBURYMA260242007INTDT-466D20' BT RU door272K miles runner, 11'5" x 20' van body $8,000
SALT LAKE CITYUT3200642013MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL815K miles non-runner in derate mode, injectors, CAC pipe, DEF pump $7,000
TACOMAWA3702952007FREIGHTLINERCOLUMBIADET 12.7SGLClaim ABF2019-2525 - rolled onto left side in grassy ditch - no adverse. $3,500
TAMPAFL382692009STERLINGA9513MBE4000-DPFSGL936K miles runner $4,000
TONAWANDANY381012009MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL878K miles runner, due for clutch, AC not working $6,000
WAYNESBOROVA3203622013MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL831K miles runner $7,500
WEST BRIDGEWATERMA260142007INTDT-466D20' BT RU door253K miles runs, but needs clutch/tranny work $6,500
WEST BRIDGEWATERMA210072012INTDT-466D20' BT RU door164K miles runs, hard start, needs in-frame eng rebuild $6,500


CitySTABF #YearMakeTypeLgHtDoorNotesPrice
AMARILLOTX5531792013GRDVN2813'6"SWWrecked, waiting on pics from Mike Dobbins$700
ATLANTAGA802832004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, spring hangers$1,400
AURORAIL439111995TMOVN48Ex storage trailer, bad flooring $1,200
AVENELNJ434562003GRDLG28LIFTGATE - Bottom rail rot and liftgate rusted and worn out $1,400
AVENELNJ400231994GRDVN48Subframe and floor $1,400
AVENELNJ437061994STOVN48Subframe and floor $1,400
BATON ROUGELA434752001GRDLG28Door, roof, nose rail, bottom rail, gate platform, suspension $1,400
BLOOMINGTONIL839922006GRDVN2813'6"RUWreck destroyed, scrap only$750
CARLISLEPA427131987PINVN28Ex storage trailer, exterior log posts $1,000
CARLISLEPA809832004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, nose rail, brakes$1,400
CARLISLEPA814442004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof, bottom rail$1,400
CARLISLEPA800352003GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof$1,400
CARLISLEPA806002004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof$1,400
CARLISLEPA819982005GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof$1,400
CARLISLEPA693412002TMOVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof$1,400
COLUMBUSOH45082007WDEFB43Rusty frame. Has new hubs and brakes $4,000
DAYTONOH840742006GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor needs replaced$1,400
DAYTONOH809432004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor and tracks$1,400
DAYTONOH816292004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, nose rail, door$1,400
DENVERCO433352003GRDLG28Scrap only, front panel and rail split open, side panel, section of roof $1,000
DOTHANAL41062005NORFB39Drop deck flatbed, 2-yr old paint job, new tires, deck added over goose neck 1 yr ago $4,500
ELGINIL402141996TMOVN48Suspension and crossmembers over suspension $1,400
ELMIRA HEIGHTSNY435322001GRDLG28LIFTGATE - Side rails, crossmembers, rear liftgate supports rusted$950
FAIRMONTWV41632005NORFB39Drop deck flatbed, diamond plate metal floor $4,000
HOUSTONTX821942005GRDVN2813'6"RUScrap only - axle has been pulled out, is twisted. Bad trans roof.$1,400
INDIANAPOLISIN435002001GRDLG28Liftgate platform and cylinders $1,400
KERNERSVILLENC822152005GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, nose rail$1,400
KERNERSVILLENC825042005GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof$1,400
KERNERSVILLENC814162004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof$1,400
KINSTONNC41492005NORFB39Drop deck flatbed, original floor $3,500
LITTLE ROCKAR423922002TMOVN28Pallet storage pup, will not pass FI. $1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR800172003GRDVN2813'6"RUOriginal translucent roof$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR689132002TMOVN2813'6"RURoof and rusty ICC bumper$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR801002003GRDVN2813'6"RUReplace fiberglass roof$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR800962003GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof, bottom rails$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR801112004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof, rusty icc bumper$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR828972005GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, nose rail$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR818422005GRDVN2813'6"RURoof and door$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR807262004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, WP due$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR837502006GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, WP due, has alum roof$1,400
MACONGA41212005NORFB39Drop deck flatbed, original floor $3,500
MANASSASVA432522004GRDLG28Scrap Only - LIFTGATE - Accident damage to roof, top rail side rail$950
MANASSASVA812202004GRDVN2813'6"RUScrap only acc dmg, roof, nose rail, top rail$850
MANTECACA409031986FRUVN28SWEx Storage Trlr, body rough $1,200
MANTECACA409041986FRUVN28SWEx Storage Trlr, body rough $1,200
MANTECACA429461988WABLG28LIFTGATE - old storage trlr, body rough $1,200
NEWBURGHNY434812001GRDLG28LIFTGATE - Needs new gate, frame rusted, roof corner leaks$950
OAKLANDCA434552003GRDLG28Liftgate unit wrecked replace nose rail, corner radius, and roof $1,000
OAKLANDCA49052001STOLG40Leyman Liftgate Upack van trailer $3,500
OMAHANE5001982009GRDVN2813'6"RUScrap only - accident dmg, most of front and half of right side damage$850
PHENIX CITYAL41202005NORFB39Drop deck flatbed, original floor $3,500
PHILADELPHIANJ434712001GRDLG28LIFTGATE - Needs new gate, frame rusted, roof corner leaks $1,400
PHOENIXAZ861352007GRDVN2813'6"RURolled over accident, full body damage, scrap only, no insurance$750
ROCHESTERNY822822005GRDVN2813'6"RUApproach plate, landing gear, lower rail, door frame$850
SAGINAWMI41452005NORFB39Norris Upack flatbed drop deck, needs floor, rusty ramps $3,000
SAGINAWMI818402005GRDVN2813'6"RUWrecked - scrap only, no roof, no door. Pics in acc folder$850
SAINT LOUISMO816732004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, door, tracks, operator$1,400
SALT LAKE CITYUT822662005GRDVN2813'6"RUTranlucent roof, door$1,400
SALT LAKE CITYUT820282005GRDVN2813'6"RUTranlucent roof, door$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL687512002TMOVN2813'6"RUDoor and tracks$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL801062004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor and bottom rail$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL699522003GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, crossmembers$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL682412001GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, rear sill$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL801932004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof and door$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL814952004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL688352002TMOVN2813'6"RURoof$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL804872004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof and door$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL801602004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof and door$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL681412001GRDVN2813'6"RURoof and door$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL687112002TMOVN2813'6"RUMisc body repairs$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL807322004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor and roof$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL806422004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor and roof$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL831472005GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor and roof$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL867712007GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, bottom rail, alum roof$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL826352005GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, crossmember$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL808112004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof and door$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL5222422008WABVN5314'0"RUMcKinney 14' high trailer - Scrap only - alum roof torn out and door frame knocked loose on bridge. Has alum floor.$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL805592004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, door hardware$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL810572004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, bow, nose rail$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL698112003GRDVN2813'6"RUSill plate, WP due$1,400
SAUK VILLAGEIL809812004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, door, FI due$1,400
TRAVERS CITYMI434982001GRDLG28LIFTGATE - Needs new gate, frame rusted, roof corner leaks $1,400

Converter Gear

CitySTABF #YearMakeNotesPrice
CARLISLEPA754941986MNNBent frame, tires, air tank$750
CARLISLEPA712711995PINRusty frame, spring hangers, 5th wheel$750
CARLISLEPA793961987FRUFrame rust, crossmembers rust, lights$750
CARLISLEPA780741985FRU5th whl, spring saddles, frame rust$750
CARLISLEPA759491988GRDLunette eye, frame, PM due$750
CONLEYGA790091986FRUFrame rail needs welding$750
CONLEYGA794321987FRUCrossmember needs welding$750
CONLEYGA788771986FRUSpring hangers$750
CONLEYGA713291995PINSpring hangers$750
DAYTONOH760441988WABAxle and spring seats$750
DAYTONOH756591986MNNAxle, drums, spring seats$750
DAYTONOH761041988WAB5th wheel, spring saddles, lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH710061994PINAxle and spring seats$750
DAYTONOH752301985MNNLunette eye, 5th wheel, crossmember$750
KANSAS CITYMO750481984VULParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO755311986MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO754511986MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO756831986MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO790881986FRUFrame rusted and bent$750
KANSAS CITYMO750551984VULParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO779901985FRUFrame rusted$750
KANSAS CITYMO757161986MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO758261987MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO756441986MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO758201987MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO756621986MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO759691988WABParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO759941988WABParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO749511984VULParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO749201984VULParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO759531988GRDParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO750251984VULParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO759581988WABParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO765421990WABParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO756651986MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KANSAS CITYMO753781986MNNParked for fleet reduction$750
KERNERSVILLENC793731987FRUAxle seats, spring hangers, axle$750
KERNERSVILLENC751561985MNNFrame rust and cracks$750
KERNERSVILLENC766381991MNNFrame rusted, crossmember$750
KERNERSVILLENC710211994PINFrame, spring hangers, axle rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR754581986MNN5th wheel, frame rust, axle$750
LITTLE ROCKAR792921987FRUFrame rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR787301986FRU5th wheel, crossmember, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756701986MNNAxle rust, lunette eye$750
LITTLE ROCKAR763491989WABFrame rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR792591987FRUFrame rusted, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR794861987FRUCrossmember rust, WP due, lunette eye worn$750
LITTLE ROCKAR794971987FRUFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR793041987FRUFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR779701985FRURusted crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR754751986MNNAxle, 5th wheel, rusty frame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756071986MNNAxle rusted, lunette eye, 5th wheel pins$750
LITTLE ROCKAR711001994PINWP due, spring hangers, axle, frame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR753161985MNNWP due, 5th wheel, axle rust, frame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR758381987MNNWP due, 5th wheel, axle rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR795031987FRUWP due, 5th wheel, rusty frame and crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR791911987FRUFrame rust, lunette eye, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR764071989WABFrame rust, 5th wheel and feet, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR751521985MNNFrame, axle, 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR796331987FRUBent frame, right spring hanger$750
LITTLE ROCKAR793701987FRUFrame rust, 5th wheel, crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR755841986MNNAxle and frame rusted through$750
LITTLE ROCKAR712581995PINAxle, frame, spring hangers, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR710511994PINFrame rusted through in spots$750
LITTLE ROCKAR712321994PINFrame rusted through, 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR767401991WABComplete frame, springs, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR787631986FRUCracked and rusted frame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR757201986MNNAxle, 5th wheel, lunette eye, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR788411986FRURusted frame, crossmember, hangers, 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR752091985MNNRusted axle and spring saddles$750
LITTLE ROCKAR796941987FRUFrame rust, 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756121986MNNAxle rusted, 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR788661986FRU5th wheel jaws, pins and bushings$750
LITTLE ROCKAR765161990WABRusted axle and frame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR761511988WABFrame and lunette eye$750
LITTLE ROCKAR789331986FRURusted axle and frame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR796781987FRUFrame bent,$750
LITTLE ROCKAR758391987MNNFrame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR797211987FRUFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR755471986MNNFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR749571984VULFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR754191986MNNAxle rusted, 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR710981994PINSpring hangers, 5th wheel, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR788351986FRUFrame, 5th wheel and feet$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756041986MNNLunette eye, axle, 5th wheel pins bushings$750
LITTLE ROCKAR710851994PINFrame, axle, 5th wheel, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR788141986FRUFrame, axle, 5th wheel, crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR757251986MNNAxle rusted, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR755611986MNNAxle and spring hangers rusted, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR760631988WABAxle, 5th wheel, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR758311987MNNFrame and axle rusted, lunette eye$750
SAUK VILLAGEIL795141987FRUFrame rails bent, lunette eye$750

Used Containers

ABF LocationStateUnit #YearMakeNotesPrice
None at this time.

Yard Tractors

CitySTABF #YearMakeModelEngineNotesReplacementPrice


None at this time.