Inventory List


CitySTABF #YrMakeModelEngineTypeNotesPrice
BROOKLYNNY326612002INTERNATIONAL8100DT-466ESGL166K miles runner $4,000
DES PLAINESIL340362005FREIGHTLINERM2-106MBE900SGL153K miles runner $4,000
MOUNT VERNONWA3610902006FREIGHTLINERCOLUMBIADET 12.7SGL621K miles runs, has oil leak and engine is overheating $7,000
TYLERTX318992012MACKCXU612MP7-395cSGL837K miles non-runner, head pulled off, needs new head $5,500
WEST CHESTEROH3461402004INTERNATIONAL8600CUM ISM-330 HPSGL580K miles runner $6,000


CitySTABF #YearMakeTypeLgHtDoorNotesPrice
AKRONOH5002812009GRDVN2813'6"RUAccident repairs, lower rail and side panels. Pics in accident folder from J Neal$1,000
ALLENTOWNPA406481993STKVN48Floor, nose, interior, not storage worthy$1,400
AMARILLOTX5531792013GRDVN2813'6"SWWrecked, waiting on pics from Mike Dobbins$700
ATLANTAGA811212004GRDVN2813'6"RUOriginal door and roof$1,400
AURORAIL439111995TMOVN48Old storage trailer, bad flooring$1,200
AVENELNJ404981987GRDVN48Old Storage trlr, scrap only, bad floor, interior$1,400
BATON ROUGELA434752001GRDLG28Door, roof, nose rail, bottom rail, gate platform, suspension$1,400
BAY SHORENY437431995TMOVN48Scrap only - floor and crossmembers$1,000
BAY SHORENY439071995TMOVN48Translucent roof needs replaced, floor$1,000
BAY SHORENY406521993TMOVN48Scrap only - floor and crossmembers$1,000
BLOOMINGTONIL839922006GRDVN2813'6"RUWreck destroyed, scrap only$750
CARLISLEPA809832004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, nose rail, brakes$1,400
CARLISLEPA696712003GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor and roof$1,400
CARLISLEPA813272004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor and roof$1,400
CARLISLEPA809152004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof, icc bumper$1,400
CARLISLEPA821572005GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor and roof, PM due$1,400
CARLISLEPA697282003GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof, icc bumper, FI due$1,400
CHARLOTTENC436521994STOVN48Complete floor, kingpin, wiring, spring hangers$1,400
CHATTENOUGATN400891995TMOVN48Driver side axle is bent from accident vehicle impact. No adverse ins.$1,200
DES PLAINESIL407261995PINVN48Floor, interior, rusty, crossmembers, not storage worthy$1,400
ELMIRA HEIGHTSNY435322001GRDLG28LIFTGATE - Side rails, crossmembers, rear liftgate supports rusted$950
JACKSONTN401401995STOVN48Rusted suspension/subframe, will not pass FI$1,400
KANSAS CITYMO863882007GRDVN2813'6"RUScrap only, rolled onto driver side, no adverse$850
KANSAS CITYMO816122004GRDVN2813'6"RUOriginal door and roof$1,400
KANSAS CITYMO812602004GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor, roof, brakes$1,400
KANSAS CITYMO682392001GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, door, X-sills over subframe$1,400
KERNERSVILLENC857372007GRDVN2813'6"RUWreck body damage to nose of trlr$1,200
KERNERSVILLENC5501002009GRDVN2813'6"SWWrecked front end, upper coupler, nose rail, panels$1,000
KERNERSVILLENC800482003GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, door, sill rusted$1,400
KERNERSVILLENC823022005GRDVN2813'6"RURoof and door$1,400
KERNERSVILLENC803762004GRDVN2813'6"RURoof and bows$1,400
LINCOLNNE401051996PINVN48Will not pass federal insp$1,400
LINCOLNNE439201995TMOVN48SWWill not pass federal insp$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR689432002TMOVN2813'6"RULeft raduis panel, door header broke loose$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR824032005GRDVN2813'6"RUAcc repair. Nose rail, radius panel, roof, 7 roof bows$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR689432003GRDVN2813'6"RURoof, icc bumper rust, WP due$1,400
LITTLE ROCKAR681012001GRDVN2813'6"RUBottom rails, rusted icc bumper, 6 crossmembers$1,400
LONDONDERRYNH406211996MNNVN48Accident repairs needed, landing gear, bottom rail, 5 crossmembers, Cannot be pulled.$1,000
MANASSASVA525261990PINVN2813'6"SW102" Ext. Post storage pup$1,200
MANTECACA409031986FRUVN28SWOld Storage Trlr, body rough$1,200
MANTECACA409041986FRUVN28SWOld Storage Trlr, body rough$1,200
MANTECACA429461988WABLG28LIFTGATE - old storage trlr, body rough$1,200
NASHVILLETN407641999MNNVN53Left front corner cap, left front radius$2,000
NASHVILLETN406631994STOVN48Replace floor, 10 X-members, left corner cap$1,400
NASHVILLETN839202006GRDVN2813'6"RUWreck destroyed, rolled onto side on icy roads, sides are torn out, scrap only.$500
NEW HAVENCT427581993WABVN28FRP body storage trailer$250
NEWBURGHNY434812001GRDLG28LIFTGATE - Needs new gate, frame rusted, roof corner leaks$950
OAKLANDCA434552003GRDLG28Liftgate unit wrecked replace nose rail, corner radius, and roof$1,000
OAKLANDCA49052001STOLG40Leyman Liftgate Upack van trailer$3,500
OWATANNAMN402851995WABVN48Suspension, hangers, brakes, cracked crossmembers at rear$1,400
PHOENIXAZ861352007GRDVN2813'6"RURolled over accident, full body damage, scrap only, no insurance$750
PORTLANDME439471995TMOVN48Scrap only - translucent roof sagging in$1,200
RENONV449351985TMOVN48Old Storage Trlr, body and frame$1,000
ROCHESTERNY822822005GRDVN2813'6"RUApproach plate, landing gear, lower rail, door frame$850
ROMULUSMI434992001GRDLG28Radius panel, top rail, 1 side panel, entire roof$1,000
SACRAMENTOCA41352005NORFB39Norris Upack drop deck, original wood floor$3,500
SAGINAWMI41452005NORFB39Norris Upack flatbed drop deck, needs floor, rusty ramps$3,000
SAGINAWMI818402005GRDVN2813'6"RUWrecked - scrap only, no roof, no door. Pics in acc folder$850
SAINT LOUISMO809042004GRDVN2813'6"RUNeeds door replaced$1,400
SAINT LOUISMO800792003GRDVN2813'6"RUNeeds door replaced$1,400
SAINT LOUISMO682932001GRDVN2813'6"RUDoor and floor repairs$1,400
SALT LAKE CITYUT433122003GRDVN28Liftgate and trailer excessive wear$1,400
SALT LAKE CITYUT876212007GRDVN2813'6"RURolled over accident, full body damage, scrap only, no insurance$750
SALT LAKE CITYUT5031572017HYUVN2813'6"RU rolled onto passenger side on narrow shoulder, no adverse. Also 87621, 503157, 79557 rolled on passenger side$750
SALT LAKE CITYUT844722006GRDVN2813'6"RUAccident repairs, rolled onto side$750
SALT LAKE CITYUT5506852010GRDVN2813'6"SWAccident repairs, rolled onto side$750
SAUK VILLAGEIL682292001GRDVN2813'6"RUAxle, wheel bearings, WP and PM due$1,400
ST LOUISMO403311995WABVN48Complete tandem needs replaced$1,400
TOLEDOOH808012004GRDVN2813'6"RUNose rail and 4 ft section of roof$1,400
TRAVERS CITYMI434982001GRDLG28LIFTGATE - Needs new gate, frame rusted, roof corner leaks$1,400
WEST CHESTEROH800422003GRDVN2813'6"RUBrakes, drums, chambers, s-cams, seals and bearings$1,400

Converter Gear

CitySTABF #YearMakeNotesPrice
ALBUQUERQUENM761821988WABTongue is bent and needs replaced$750
ALBUQUERQUENM763441989WABReplace axle and drums$750
ALBUQUERQUENM762521988WABPM, shoes and drums, rusty frame and hangers$750
ALBUQUERQUENM711071994PINFrame rust, shoes and drums$750
ALBUQUERQUENM780521985FRUAxle, drums, lunette eye$750
ALBUQUERQUENM766631991MNNDrums, hangers, PM due, frame patches$750
ATLANTAGA710221994PINSpring hangers, bent frame, lunette eye$750
CARLISLEPA754941986MNNBent frame, tires, air tank$750
CARLISLEPA711241994PINFrame rusted through in spots$750
CARLISLEPA712711995PINRusty frame, spring hangers, 5th wheel$750
CARLISLEPA793961987FRUFrame rust, crossmembers rust, lights$750
CARLISLEPA756191986MNNFrame rust$750
CARLISLEPA781091985FRUFrame rust$750
DAYTONOH767601991WABS cams, bushings, lunette eye, 5th wheel, leg$750
DAYTONOH755901986MNNLunette eye, crossbar, S-Cams and bushings$750
DAYTONOH714292007GRDNeeds new frame and lunette eye and 5th wheel plate is split$750
DAYTONOH792431987FRUFrame, nose plate, lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH790981986FRULunette eye, right spring, repair frame$750
DAYTONOH789341986FRUFrame and 5th wheel$750
DAYTONOH768781993WAB5th wheel, saddles, drums, shoes, chambers, bearings$750
DAYTONOH756711986MNN5th wheel, drums, leaf springs, Ubolts$750
DAYTONOH789021986FRU5th wheel, frame rails$750
DAYTONOH794331987FRU5th wheel, frame rails, lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH791651987FRU5th wheel, frame rails$750
DAYTONOH765731990WABFrame rust$750
DAYTONOH756321986MNN5th wheel, cam bushings, brakes$750
DAYTONOH790021986FRUFront frame section and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH788011986FRUFrame rails and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH791891987FRU5th wheel, S-cams, lunette eye, frame rails$750
DAYTONOH760731988WABFront frame section and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH787501986FRUFrame, lunette eye, hangers$750
DAYTONOH789121986FRUFrame, lunette eye, brackets, bushings, tire$750
DAYTONOH760581988WAB5th wheel, light cords, PM due, tires$750
DAYTONOH752941985MNN5th wheel, cross tube, s-cam bushings$750
DAYTONOH791031986FRU5th wheel, frame, spring saddles$750
JACKSONMS756461986MNNFrame rust, lunette eye$750
KERNERSVILLENC795021987FRUBent frame$750
KERNERSVILLENC768301991WABRusty frame, needs replaced, WP due$750
KERNERSVILLENC793731987FRUAxle seats, spring hangers, axle$750
KERNERSVILLENC711231994PINFrame rust$750
KERNERSVILLENC766181991MNNFrame rust, springs and seats$750
KERNERSVILLENC791331987FRUFrame rusted, crossmember$750
KERNERSVILLENC751561985MNNFrame rust and cracks$750
KERNERSVILLENC788401986FRUFrame and rusted crossmember$750
KERNERSVILLENC766381991MNNFrame rusted, crossmember$750
KERNERSVILLENC790751986FRUFrame and axle bent$750
KERNERSVILLENC787671986FRUFrame rust and wheel pack due$750
KERNERSVILLENC787681986FRUFrame rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR754581986MNN5th wheel, frame rust, axle$750
LITTLE ROCKAR792921987FRUFrame rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR787301986FRU5th wheel, crossmember, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756701986MNNAxle rust, lunette eye$750
LITTLE ROCKAR763491989WABFrame rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR792591987FRUFrame rusted, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR794861987FRUCrossmember rust, WP due, lunette eye worn$750
LITTLE ROCKAR794971987FRUFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR793041987FRUFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR779701985FRURusted crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR754751986MNNAxle, 5th wheel, rusty frame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756071986MNNAxle rusted, lunette eye, 5th wheel pins$750
LITTLE ROCKAR711001994PINWP due, spring hangers, axle, frame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR753161985MNNWP due, 5th wheel, axle rust, frame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756881986MNNWP due, 5th wheel pins/bushings, axle rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR758381987MNNWP due, 5th wheel, axle rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR795031987FRUWP due, 5th wheel, rusty frame and crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR791911987FRUFrame rust, lunette eye, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR764071989WABFrame rust, 5th wheel and feet, WP due$750
PORTLANDME779371985FRUFrame rusted with holes in frame$750

Used Containers

ABF LocationStateUnit #YearMakeNotesPrice
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Yard Tractors

CitySTABF #YearMakeModelEngineNotesReplacementPrice


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