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Available Inventory
ALBUQUERQUENM780431985FRUAxles, wheel bearings and seals$750
ATLANTAGA749211984VULRusty frame/lunette eye$750
KANSAS CITYMO755121986MNNRusted out frame assy.$750
KANSAS CITYMO797911988FRUBent tongue, frame rust$750
KANSAS CITYMO712931995PINRusted out frame assy, needs new leaf spring seats$750
LITTLE ROCKAR779751985FRUNeeds new 5th wheel, feet, brakes$750
LITTLE ROCKAR796541987FRUBent and twisted frame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR791821987FRURusted crossmembers,$750
SOUTH CHICAGOIL789051986FRUFrame and lunette eye$750