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ALBUQUERQUENM780661985FRUReplace axle, spring saddles and PM due$750
ALBUQUERQUENM796401987FRUInvolved in accident, complete frame, bent lunette eye$500
ALBUQUERQUENM710741994PINdrums, bearings, axle seals, frame rust$750
ALBUQUERQUENM791721987FRUreplace hangers, rusted crossmember, PM due$750
ALBUQUERQUENM712351994PINspring saddles, bearings, drums, patch rust$750
ALBUQUERQUENM761451988WABrusted frame and spring hangers$750
ALBUQUERQUENM757361986MNNrusted spring saddles, torque arm, air valve$750
ALBUQUERQUENM761931988WABSpring saddles, PM due$750
ALBUQUERQUENM779811985FRUPM due, brake drums and axle seat$750
ALBUQUERQUENM790401986FRUBent frame near eye, PM due$750
ALBUQUERQUENM795781987FRUdrums, lunette eye$750
ALBUQUERQUENM749821984VULdrums, lunette eye$750
ALBUQUERQUENM754801986MNNspring hangers, spring seats, axle$750
ALBUQUERQUENM767661991WABspring axle saddles, brakes, drums$750
ALBUQUERQUENM767281991WABExcessive corrosion$750
ALBUQUERQUENM794051987FRUExcessive corrosion, brake drums$750
ALBUQUERQUENM762551988WABAxle seats and drums$750
ALBUQUERQUENM797591988FRUBent frame, drums, axle seats$750
ATLANTAGA789861986FRUStraighten frame rail, replace lunette eye$750
ATLANTAGA751851985MNNLunette eye$750
ATLANTAGA788541986FRUstraighten frame$750
ATLANTAGA752751985MNNLunette eye$750
ATLANTAGA759341988GRDLunette eye$750
ATLANTAGA713381995PINCorrosion, replace center frame crossmember$750
ATLANTAGA752621985MNNlunette eye and spring hanger$750
CARLISLEPA751071985MNNBent frame tongue$750
CARLISLEPA761591988WABrusted frame and spring hangers$750
CARLISLEPA711771994PINrusted frame and spring hangers$750
DAYTONOH714292007GRDNeeds new frame and lunette eye and 5th wheel plate is split$750
DAYTONOH761471988WAB5th wheel, lunette eye, dolly leg$750
DAYTONOH792431987FRUFrame, nose plate, lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH790981986FRULunette eye, right spring, repair frame$750
DAYTONOH795721987FRUFrame rails and lunette eye$750
JACKSONMS756461986MNNFrame rust, lunette eye$750
LITTLE ROCKAR779221985FRUframe and spring hangers rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR780311985FRU5th wheel and feet, spring hangers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR762791988GRDFrame rusted holes$750
LITTLE ROCKAR779971985FRU5th wheel and feet, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR712881995PIN5th wheel and feet, WP due, frame corroded$750
LITTLE ROCKAR759161988GRDFrame rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR755651986MNNAxle rust and 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR710231994PINFrame rust, 5th wheel, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR761411988WAB5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR792951987FRURusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR760101988WAB5th wheel and feet, WP due, frame corroded$750
LITTLE ROCKAR752811985MNN5th wheel and frame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR711381994PIN5th wheel, lunette eye, rusted spring hangers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR793971987FRUFrame rust, 5th wheel, lunette eye, spring hangers, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR761551988WABFrame rust, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR761251988WABFrame rust, 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR794661987FRUFrame and lunette eye$750
LITTLE ROCKAR794221987FRUFrame and lunette eye$750
LITTLE ROCKAR769371993WABFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR752681985MNN5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR754421986MNNAxle rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR713191995PINAxle and spring hangers rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR759101988GRDrusted frame and spring hangers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR767271991WABrusted frame and spring hangers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR761951988WABrusted out frame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR710681994PINframe twisted, spring hangers rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR763481989WABframe rail bent, 5th wheel and feet$750
LITTLE ROCKAR789631986FRUFrame rusty, 5th wheel and feet$750
LITTLE ROCKAR789731986FRUFrame rusty, 5th wheel and feet$750
LITTLE ROCKAR795011987FRU5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR787831986FRUspring hangers, spring seats$750
SAUK VILLAGEIL711511994PINBent frame, lunette eye worn, glad hands, torque rods$750
WINSTON-SALEMNC766531991MNNbent frame left side, 5th wheel mounts worn$750