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SOUTH CHICAGOIL759351988GRDReplace main frame rails and crossmembers$750
SOUTH CHICAGOIL713632007GRDReplace dolly leg, spring hangers, frame rails$750
WINSTON-SALEMNC766531991MNNbent frame left side, 5th wheel mounts worn$750
ALBUQUERQUENM797811988FRUshoes and drums, lunette eye, spring hangers$750
ALBUQUERQUENM795521987FRUrusted xmembers under 5th wheel, PM due$750
ALBUQUERQUENM788521986FRUspring hangers, lunette eye, drums$750
ALBUQUERQUENM765461990WABReplace brake drums, spring, spring hangers, frame corrosion$750
ALBUQUERQUENM754441986MNNBrake drums, lunette eye, axle saddles, frame rust$750
ALBUQUERQUENM763981989WABReplace drums, springs, PM is due$750
ALBUQUERQUENM796861987FRUPM due, brakes drums, lunette eye, rusted$750
ALBUQUERQUENM780671985FRUHoles in frame, PM due, brakes drums$750
ALBUQUERQUENM789521986FRUDrums, pintle hook, spring hangers$750
ALBUQUERQUENM788551986FRUDrums, pintle hook$750
ALBUQUERQUENM796531987FRUDrums, spring hangers, PM due$750
ALBUQUERQUENM762501988WABDrums, wheel bearings, rusty$750
ALBUQUERQUENM789251986FRUDrums, spring hangers, PM due$750
ALBUQUERQUENM755451986MNNDrums, spring hangers, PM due$750
ALBUQUERQUENM758591987MNNDrums, leaf springs, saddles, rust$750
ALBUQUERQUENM712251994PINDrums, leaf springs, saddles, rust$750
DAYTONOH792831987FRUReplace front section of frame and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH751881985MNNFrame and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH767781991WABspring hangers, lunette eye, cross tube and supports$750
DAYTONOH796351987FRUFrame and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH797031987FRUbrake drums, shoes, s-cams, slack adjuster, wheel bearings$750
DAYTONOH714292007GRDNeeds new frame and lunette eye$750
DALLASTX710961994PINwheel pack, spring hangers, hole rusted through frame$750