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ALBUQUERQUENM797811988FRUshoes and drums, lunette eye, spring hangers750
ALBUQUERQUENM795521987FRUrusted xmembers under 5th wheel, PM due750
ALBUQUERQUENM788521986FRUspring hangers, lunette eye, drums750
ALBUQUERQUENM765461990WABReplace brake drums, spring, spring hangers, frame corrosion750
ALBUQUERQUENM754441986MNNBrake drums, lunette eye, axle saddles, frame rust750
ALBUQUERQUENM763981989WABReplace drums, springs, PM is due750
ALBUQUERQUENM796861987FRUPM due, brakes drums, lunette eye, rusted750
ALBUQUERQUENM780671985FRUHoles in frame, PM due, brakes drums750
ALBUQUERQUENM789521986FRUDrums, pintle hook, spring hangers750
ALBUQUERQUENM788551986FRUDrums, pintle hook750
ALBUQUERQUENM796531987FRUDrums, spring hangers, PM due750
ALBUQUERQUENM762501988WABDrums, wheel bearings, rusty750
ALBUQUERQUENM789251986FRUDrums, spring hangers, PM due750
ALBUQUERQUENM755451986MNNDrums, spring hangers, PM due750
ALBUQUERQUENM758591987MNNDrums, leaf springs, saddles, rust750
ALBUQUERQUENM712251994PINDrums, leaf springs, saddles, rust750
ALBUQUERQUENM763731989WABRusted, drums, spring hangers, saddles750
ALBUQUERQUENM749631984VULCrossmembers rusty750
ALBUQUERQUENM756511986MNNFrame corrosion, air tank750
ALBUQUERQUENM755231986MNNFrame corrosion, air tank750
ALBUQUERQUENM761051988WABAxle and has frame corrosion750
ALBUQUERQUENM779801985FRUFrame rusted, has air leak750
ALBUQUERQUENM754521986MNNCorrosion, brakes and shoes750
ALBUQUERQUENM713221995PINBad frame rust, PM due750
ALBUQUERQUENM759841988WABFrame, drums, and flaps750
ALBUQUERQUENM755161986MNNframe rusted and cracked, drums, spring saddles, 750
ALBUQUERQUENM713461995PINframe rusted and cracked, drums and shoes, spring saddles, wheel pack due750
ALBUQUERQUENM710251994PINFrame corrosion, shoes and drums750
DAYTONOH792831987FRUReplace front section of frame and lunette eye750
DAYTONOH751881985MNNFrame and lunette eye750
DAYTONOH767781991WABspring hangers, lunette eye, cross tube and supports750
DAYTONOH796351987FRUFrame and lunette eye750
DAYTONOH797031987FRUbrake drums, shoes, s-cams, slack adjuster, wheel bearings750
DAYTONOH714292007GRDNeeds new frame and lunette eye750
DAYTONOH790831986FRUFront section frame flanges750
DAYTONOH789901986FRUlunette eye, frame750
DAYTONOH794291987FRUbrake drums and shoes, nose plate, flanges750
LITTLE ROCKAR751831985MNNFrame and spring hangers rusted750
LITTLE ROCKAR779421985FRUFrame and spring hangers rusted750
LITTLE ROCKAR760791988WAB5th wheel, lunette eye, WP is due750
LITTLE ROCKAR779381985FRU5th wheel, spring hangers, lunette eye750
LITTLE ROCKAR789941986FRUFrame bent, lunette eye750
LITTLE ROCKAR792481987FRUdolly jack, spring hangers, 5th wheel750
LITTLE ROCKAR761731988WABframe rust, 5th wheel and feet750
SOUTH CHICAGOIL761241988WABFrame rusted, lunette eye750
SOUTH CHICAGOIL763761989WABAccident damage, cracked lunette eye, straighten frame, dolly jack wheel750
WINSTON-SALEMNC766531991MNNbent frame left side, 5th wheel mounts worn750