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LITTLE ROCKAR713431995PIN5th wheel and feet, spring hangers rusted750
LITTLE ROCKAR713321995PIN5th wheel and feet, spring hangers rusted750
LITTLE ROCKAR710961994PINwheel pack, spring hangers, hole rusted through frame750
LITTLE ROCKAR792751987FRUFrame and lunette eye750
LITTLE ROCKAR754531986MNN5th wheel, wheel pack due750
LITTLE ROCKAR765311990WABLunette eye, spring hangers, WP due, corrosion750
SOUTH CHICAGOIL710091994PINNeeds new axle, water in axle750
WINSTON-SALEMNC766531991MNNbent frame left side, 5th wheel mounts worn750
DAYTONOH792831987FRUReplace front section of frame and lunette eye750
DAYTONOH751881985MNNFrame and lunette eye750
DAYTONOH711451994PINbent frame, lunette eye750
DAYTONOH767781991WABspring hangers, lunette eye, cross tube and supports750
DAYTONOH793411987FRUReplace frame rail section, lunette eye750
DAYTONOH796351987FRUFrame and lunette eye750
ALBUQUERQUENM797811988FRUshoes and drums, lunette eye, spring hangers750
ALBUQUERQUENM795521987FRUrusted xmembers under 5th wheel, PM due750
ALBUQUERQUENM788521986FRUspring hangers, lunette eye, drums750
SAN BERNARDINOCA766781991MNNReplace axle, wheel pack750
SAN BERNARDINOCA794581987FRUBent frame, saddles worn out, federal insp750
SAN BERNARDINOCA793461987FRUBent frame, broken spring, needs 5th wheel750
SAN BERNARDINOCA758871987WABwheel pack, 5th wheel rebuild needed, lunette eye worn750