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ALBUQUERQUENM779961985FRUNeeds new axle, left bearing bad$750
ALBUQUERQUENM779411985FRUAxle is cracked$750
ALBUQUERQUENM780391985FRUAxle is cracked$750
ALBUQUERQUENM753051985MNNBrake drums, cracked frame, not road worthy$500
ALBUQUERQUENM754351986MNNAxle, wheel bearings, and seals$750
ALBUQUERQUENM766641991MNNspring hangers, leaf springs, air tank$750
ALBUQUERQUENM710701994PINAxle is cracked, brake drums need replaced$750
ATLANTAGA711501994PINpm, wheel pack, brakes, burned wheel end, not towable$500
ATLANTAGA710291994PINFrame rust, spring hanger rust$750
CLEVELANDOH758501987MNNBrakes and drums, spring hangers rusted, 5th wheel worn$750
CLEVELANDOH769281993WAB5TH wheel$750
DAYTONOH795431987FRULeft spindle needs replaced$750
DAYTONOH711441994PIN4 spring hangers, 2 torque arms$750
KANSAS CITYMO790511986FRU5th wheel, twisted frame, wheel pack$750
SAN BERNARDINOCA766781991MNNReplace axle, wheel pack$750