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CitySTABF #YearMakeNotesPrice
ALBUQUERQUENM765951991MNNAxle seat, nose twisted$750
ALBUQUERQUENM757931987MNNBrakes, chambers, drums$750
CARLISLEPA751651985MNN5th wheel and tire$750
CARLISLEPA751931985MNNSpring hangers, brakes, tires$750
CARLISLEPA791191986FRUCrossmember rust, dollie wheel, one tire$750
COLORADO SPRINGSCO762461988WABWorn 5th wheel pins bushings$750
CONLEYGA755871986MNNBrakes, S-cams, bushings$750
DAYTONOH793021987FRULunette eye, frame, light cord, 5th wheel$750
EAGANMN761331988WABLunette eye, crossmember$750
KANSAS CITYMO749221984VUL5th wheel and feet$750
KANSAS CITYMO787851986FRUFrame, PM due$750
KANSAS CITYMO755131986MNNFrame, PM due$750
KANSAS CITYMO788231986FRUFrame rust$750
KERNERSVILLENC761891988WABRusty frame$750
KERNERSVILLENC754661986MNNFrame rust, lunette eye, 5th wheel feet$750
KERNERSVILLENC781101985FRUFrame repair and 5th wheel$750
KERNERSVILLENC761841988WABSpring hangers, crossmember$750
LITTLE ROCKAR792921987FRUFrame rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR787301986FRU5th wheel, crossmember, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756701986MNNAxle rust, lunette eye$750
LITTLE ROCKAR792591987FRUFrame rusted, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR794861987FRUCrossmember rust, WP due, lunette eye worn$750
LITTLE ROCKAR794971987FRUFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR793041987FRUFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR779701985FRURusted crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR754751986MNNAxle, 5th wheel, rusty frame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756071986MNNAxle rusted, lunette eye, 5th wheel pins$750
LITTLE ROCKAR711001994PINWP due, spring hangers, axle, frame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR795031987FRUWP due, 5th wheel, rusty frame and crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR764071989WABFrame rust, 5th wheel and feet, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR796331987FRUBent frame, right spring hanger$750
LITTLE ROCKAR793701987FRUFrame rust, 5th wheel, crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR755841986MNNAxle and frame rusted through$750
LITTLE ROCKAR712581995PINAxle, frame, spring hangers, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR710511994PINFrame rusted through in spots$750
LITTLE ROCKAR712321994PINFrame rusted through, 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR767401991WABComplete frame, springs, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR765161990WABRusted axle and frame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR758391987MNNFrame$750
LITTLE ROCKAR797211987FRUFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR755471986MNNFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756041986MNNLunette eye, axle, 5th wheel pins bushings$750
LITTLE ROCKAR710851994PINFrame, axle, 5th wheel, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR757251986MNNAxle rusted, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR755611986MNNAxle and spring hangers rusted, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR760631988WABAxle, 5th wheel, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR758311987MNNFrame and axle rusted, lunette eye$750
LITTLE ROCKAR792911987FRUFrame rust, crossmembers rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR793761987FRUFrame and axle rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR797081987FRUFrame rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR752651985MNNNeeds new axle$750
LITTLE ROCKAR766081991MNNFrame, axle rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR788291986FRUFrame, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR757831987MNNWP due, frame, axle rust$750
LITTLE ROCKAR758241987MNNAxle seats$750
LITTLE ROCKAR795551987FRURusted tongue, crossmembers$750
LITTLE ROCKAR712301994PINSpring hangers, frame rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR797551988FRUFrame rusted, 5th wheel$750
LITTLE ROCKAR787821986FRUCrossmember rusted, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR758291987MNNAxle and WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR764271990WABFrame, 5th wheel, saddles$750
LITTLE ROCKAR711921994PINFrame, 5th wheel, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR790111986FRUFrame rust, axle spring$750
LITTLE ROCKAR712131994PINRusty frame, axle rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR767681991WABRusty frame, axle rusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR763351989WABLunette eye, 5th wheel bushings, wp due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR789411986FRUFrame rust at 5th wheel, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR787591986FRULunette eye worn, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR761371988WABLunette eye worn, WP due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR755591986MNNAxle rusted needs replaced$750
LITTLE ROCKAR797431987FRUSpring hangers, PM due$750
LITTLE ROCKAR765031990WABFrame rusted, 5th wheel$750
SAUK VILLAGEIL755381986MNNBent frame, lunette eye, gladhands$750
SAUK VILLAGEIL749851984VULWheel studs, PM due$750
SAUK VILLAGEIL792681987FRULeaf springs, 5th wheel, air lines$750
SAUK VILLAGEIL780181985FRUFrame, 5th wheel$750