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ALBUQUERQUENM768421991WABReplace axle, drums, spring saddles$750
DAYTONOH792831987FRUReplace front section of frame and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH751881985MNNFrame and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH767781991WABspring hangers, lunette eye, cross tube and supports$750
DAYTONOH796351987FRUFrame and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH714292007GRDNeeds new frame and lunette eye$750
DAYTONOH789901986FRUlunette eye, frame$750
DAYTONOH794291987FRUbrake drums and shoes, nose plate, flanges$750
LITTLE ROCKAR756671986MNNlunette eye, cross bar, wheel pack$750
LITTLE ROCKAR765651990WABRusted$750
LITTLE ROCKAR759811988WABRusted$750
WINSTON-SALEMNC766531991MNNbent frame left side, 5th wheel mounts worn$750