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CitySTABF #YearMakeNotesPrice
ALBUQUERQUENM710411994PINRusted spring hangers, crossmember750
CARLISLEPA796221987FRUFrame rust, PM due750
CARLISLEPA791771987FRUFrame rust, brake shoes, dolly caster750
CARLISLEPA780351985FRURusted frame and crossmembers, air leak750
CARLISLEPA796181987FRULeft spring broken, rusted crossmember750
COLORADO SPRINGSCO762461988WABWorn 5th wheel pins bushings750
CONLEYGA755871986MNNBrakes, S-cams, bushings750
CONLEYGA781071985FRUFrame, 5th wheel kit750
CONLEYGA754901986MNNSpring hangers, crossmember, lunette eye750
CONLEYGA764361990WABRusted, bent frame750
CONLEYGA794931987FRUAxle, PM due750
CONLEYGA789081986FRUSpring hangers, patch frame750
CONLEYGA793981987FRUSpring hangers, crossmembers750
CONLEYGA752631985MNNRusted spring hangers, frame750
CONLEYGA790261986FRUPM due, FI due, 5th wheel and feet750
CONLEYGA762981989WABSpring hangers, lunette eye750
DAYTONOH790631986FRU5th wheel will not latch750
DAYTONOH789221986FRUAcc dmg mud flaps, 5th wheel, light cord750
DAYTONOH789371986FRU5th wheel rebuild kit, brakes and drums500
KERNERSVILLENC781101985FRUFrame repair and 5th wheel750
KERNERSVILLENC779511985FRUBent frame, lunette eye, gladhands750
KERNERSVILLENC792991987FRUCrossmember rusted through750
KERNERSVILLENC794601987FRUBent frame, PM due750
KERNERSVILLENC765851991MNNFrame repair, replace lunette eye750
KERNERSVILLENC791421987FRUFrame rust, spring seats, PM due750
KERNERSVILLENC711841994PINFrame rusted behind lunette eye, PM due750
KERNERSVILLENC756581986MNNRusted frame, axle, PM due750
KERNERSVILLENC794061987FRUFrame rusted, PM due750
KERNERSVILLENC780911985FRUFrame rust, worn lunette eye750
KERNERSVILLENC749271984VULAxle, PM due750
KERNERSVILLENC789771986FRUFrame repair, PM due750
KERNERSVILLENC710461994PINSpring hangers, rust750
LITTLE ROCKAR791281986FRUFailed FI, frame and crossmembers rusted750
LITTLE ROCKAR758741987MNNAxle rust, PM due750
LITTLE ROCKAR713141995PINFrame rust, 5th wheel worn750
LITTLE ROCKAR791781987FRUFrame rust, PM due750
LITTLE ROCKAR793831987FRUFrame rust, 5th wheel worn750
LITTLE ROCKAR758161987MNNAxle rust, spring saddles750
LITTLE ROCKAR791841987FRUTwisted frame, crossmember rusted750
LITTLE ROCKAR754171986MNNAxle rust, PM due750
LITTLE ROCKAR791391987FRURusted frame, crossmembers, 5th wheel750
LITTLE ROCKAR797221987FRULunette eye, spring hangers, PM due750
PORTLANDOR752351985MNNFailed wheel bearings, axle and tires500
SAUK VILLAGEIL791221986FRULunette eye, frame rails, 5th wheel750
SAUK VILLAGEIL749851984VULWheel studs, PM due750
SAUK VILLAGEIL792681987FRULeaf springs, 5th wheel, air lines750
SAUK VILLAGEIL780181985FRUFrame, 5th wheel750
SAUK VILLAGEIL711701994PINSpring hangers, axle rusted750
SAUK VILLAGEIL790911986FRU5th wheel, spring hangers, lunette eye750
SAUK VILLAGEIL712481994PIN5th wheel, spring hangers, lunette eye750
SYRACUSENY755381986MNNBent frame, lunette eye, gladhands750